Where are you located and what are your opening hours?
Info in our location page here

Do you accept bookings?
No we do not currently accept bookings. Please sign up for future updates.

Do you have gluten free options? 
Yes, we offer a gluten free option on the Twist Wrap and Hot Wings, as well as fries and coleslaw. Please check with your server when ordering. As we operate in a kitchen that mainly produces products containing gluten, there may be a small risk of cross contamination.

Do your products contain soy or nuts?
Most of our products do contain some amount of soy, and a few of our products contain nuts. Please check before ordering, and sign up for future updates.

Do you accept cards?
Yes we accept cards & contactless payment

Do you deliver?
We do not currently offer a delivery service. Please sign up for future updates.

I’m concerned about having to queue, or get a seat at the shop, when are your quietest times?
While it’s impossible to predict customer levels, the quietest times are generally weekdays prior to 6pm.

What oil do you fry in?
We fry in rapeseed oil.

Can I bring my dog?

Are you a cult?

For all other questions, please use the form.


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